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education system in india

Education system in India

In India, if someone wants to succeed their parents thought education is the best way to do it and send their children to school. Schools where teacher’s main focus is on theory as they think this is the best way to do it that’s where the Indian education system misses a trick if they focus more on practical study rather than theory then everybody sees the changes in India’s education system. In foreign countries, a 10-12-year-old child makes android apps just because they focus more on practical knowledge. When we learn something practically it can be learned easily as students know it’s limitation more deeply.

In abroad, their parents give freedom to their children to choose any career while in India parents decide the career of most of the children. In my opinion, let children decide their fate and give them the freedom to choose whatever career they want.


The government of India has to take some actions and make some rules for the education system in India. They have to understand the importance of practical studies. Suppose if someone in college studies C programming language and teachers only teach theory and does not take any practical lab then what is the point to study C programming language as its whole concept can understand practically by implementing and practicing codes on the computer. That’s where some rules and regulations have to be made and implemented.

In India, Our education system exam pattern is also not very good. Students have to write three-four pages answers to prove their worth that they are capable of studying that subject. It is not the right way to judge someone’s knowledge government has to change the exam patterns. The exam should be conducted in a multiple-choice format where actual knowledge of the student is tested. So they could not have to write long answers to prove their worth. It gives more strength to students who are not very fond of learning long answers and doesn’t like the theory. The format is followed by most of the prestigious entrance exams of India like JEE Main, GMAT, MAT, CAT. So in my opinion, this pattern can be introduced in colleges for students. As it can help students use-to of these types of tough entrance exam patterns.

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