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Life of metro cities

The topic I want to showcase in my blog is the life of metro cities. The metro cities where I spend my last two months are Delhi, Gurgaon(Gurugram), and Noida. The thing which I notice the most is that people are just live their life there not living their life. The day starts very early here as people want to reach the office on time. The metro is 70% full even in the morning people are still in their sleep, but they have to go office as it is their main motive of life. They have to eat that low quality of food from Stall’s(thella’s), which is tasteless they are eating all this stuff to just fulfilling their basic needs. Everyone knows the air quality is also very poor at these three metro cities. Most of the people who live in the apartment don’t even know about their neighbours.

The lifestyle of metro cities

In the evening, when they are coming from offices I see some tired faces of people, who are tired of their jobs but still have to do it because of unemployment and their family. I talk to many friends of mine who work there they all were saying this is not any life. As you don’t even know when the day begins and ends. So much of workload and pressure this all things lead to a stressful life. But we have to do these all things as there is no other option.

Places for relaxation and late night parties

life of metro cities

One thing which gives them relaxation from this stressful life is weekend holidays. At the weekend they can enjoy the nightlife of Delhi go-to late-night parties. They can also visit famous places like Humayun’s Tomb, Hauz Khas Village, Qutub Minar, RedFort, India Gate, Lotus Temple.

But these parties are only for those peoples who have some extra money. It is for the people who like hookah and all other kinds of stuff. It is not for people like me who belong to a city like Dehradun who doesn’t enjoy these types of parties.

A hope in the dark

When I am coming back to my home I take a cab to reach the nearest ISBT. A cab driver questions me, sir, where are you going I said Dehradun and the first word he said is “Jannat(heaven) sir you are going to heaven”. When I ask why he says cities like Dehradun have fresh air, a good lifestyle, people interact with each other. He further added I am here for 65 years just to fulfill my family needs as there is no other option. At last, he said we frequently go to Gujrat which is also my native place for some relief from this tired life. This conversation sums up the entire journey of my two months at these metro cities.

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