How to change WordPress password directly from phpmyadmin in localhost?

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Nowadays WordPress is the most used CMS(content management system) used by professionals as well as beginners. As everyone knows be it an e-commerce site, blogging site, news site, or any organization site it can easily be made by the help of WordPress. In WordPress user doesn’t have to do complex coding and editing. It is also helpful for the digital marketer to easily understand it for any SEO work. As some of the digital marketers comes from a non-technical background.

If somebody is a beginner then surely he used WordPress on its computer local server as it is the basic to start any WordPress course. It is because at the starting of your WordPress you can clear all your basic concepts in your local server as here any mistake does not affect any of your live projects. Sometimes users forget their WordPress login password or want to change their password due to privacy concerns. In the localhost or local server, we have to change the password from the local database which is located in phpmyadmin. If you are using WordPress on a live site or project then the user can easily recover their lost password by just clicking on forgot password the recover password link will be sent to your email id as it is live on the internet but in local server case, this will not be implemented.

Don’t worry if you lost your WordPress password or want to change it. In this tech article, we are going to tell you how to change your password directly from the PHPMyAdmin database. The WordPress database management used MD5 32 bit encryption to store the password in the database. Here in the following below steps, we are going to tell you how can you recovered your lost password from the database:

1. First, open your PHPMyAdmin by typing localhost/phpmyadmin in your browser.

2. Then search your WordPress database name folder on the left side of the screen. Here in our case, the database name is mywp as shown in the image below.

step first

3. After finding your database folder click on it. Now find wp users in it. The below image shows you the wp_users in the yellow highlighted box.

step two

4. Now click on wp_users it will open the following details as shown in the below image. It consisted of user name, MD5 encrypted user password, email id, and details of the local server.

Step three

As you saw in the above image the user_pass stores a 32-bit encrypted password.

5. Now it’s time to encrypt a new password for your wordpress. As we know we cannot decrypt an encrypted password of wordpress database.

6. For this search, MD5 encrypt on google and click on the first result or you can directly go through by clicking here.

7. After doing the previous step the following screen will be open on your desktop/laptop as shown below.


8. Now you have to type the desired password you want. And then click on Crypt. It will encrypt your password into 32-bits.


9. Copy your encrypted password to wordpress user_pass section.

10. For this open your database and go to user_pass as we mentioned in step four.

11. Now just double click on the user_pass section and copy your encrypted password and press enter. Your password is now changed.


12. Now go to your login dashboard of wordpress by typing localhost/your wordpress folder name/wp-admin.


13. Here we type our password deep1234 which we encrypted through MD5 online encryption click login your dashboard will be open on your screen.


Hope this tech article will help you to recover or change your WordPress password. If you have any queries or questions comment below.

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