Learn how to copy text from images/PDF in a easy way on android

google lens for android

Many people find trouble to copy text from images or PDF on android devices as many PDF readers do not provide write feature and we also know that we cannot copy text from images on android. Many students want to search sample papers questions but they have to see them in another window and then type in another this is very time-consuming so for all this google provides an app that has all your answers. Learn how to copy text from images/PDF on android in simple steps given below:

STEP 1: Download Google lens app for copy text from images/pdf on android

-> Open play store app.

-> Search Google lens and download it or go through this link Google lens app download

google lens app fro android

STEP 2: Open google lens app

-> Now open Google lens app

-> Click on the gallery option shown in the yellow highlighted box.

copy text from image

STEP 3: Select image for text conversion

-> After doing the second step the following screen will appear on your mobile screen

-> If the photos recently click or modified they will show in this section else you can choose any image from the gallery, file manager, etc by clicking on the yellow highlighted box in image 1.0

-> And after clicking on this image 1.1 will appear on your screen where the user can choose its desired location of the image.


google lens



STEP 4: Copy text from random images or PDF screenshot

-> After selecting the image the following screen will appear on the mobile screen.

-> Here two examples are given one is a random image from where the user wants to copy text and another is a screenshot of pdf.

-> As we can see users have three options here copy text, search directly on google, and translate this will help the user to consume less time for search of sample paper questions and also beneficial in search of random images text.

copy text from image
copy text from pdf

-> See tutorial video of how to copy text from images/PDF on android at my youtube channel all in one stuff link is given below:

How to copy text from images or PDF

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