How to install WordPress on localhost/server in 5 easy steps

wordpress installation

WordPress is the most used CMS(Content Management System )software in the world. According to a report published by Netcraft, Presently more than 1.3 billion websites are built on WordPress globally. It covers 20 percent of the entire website used in the world, which is a huge number. WordPress is so famous due to its easy to use and convenient interface. Even a non-technical person can easily use it. WordPress uses a drag and drop feature which can be easily implemented by anyone. WordPress is the first choice for beginners or professionals if they want to make e-commerce or a normal website. WordPress provides free themes, plugins which makes their work easy. That’s why it is the first choice for most of the user globally. So in this tech article, we are going to tell you, how can you install WordPress on your PC/ laptop local server. Follow the steps given below for WordPress installation.

Step 1: Install localhost/server

1. First, you have to download a localhost server like XAMPP or WAMPP according to your system configuration. For this click on this link or you can search on google. After downloading it you have to install it.

How to install WordPress on localhost/server in 5 easy steps

Note: Before installing it make sure you disable your antivirus or window defender. Many times these software block installation of the local server to your system.

STEP 2: Create a database for WordPress

2. Now open PHPMyAdmin by typing localhost/phpmyadmin in the browser. Create a new database with the name WordPress or anyone you like.

How to install WordPress on localhost

NOTE: Before creating a database make sure to start XAMPP- APACHE and MYSQL option. WordPress will be installed on the local server so you have to open it before all these processes.

STEP 3: Download WordPress

3. Now download the WordPress zip file by clicking here or you can go to google and search it. Now copy the downloaded zip file into xampp/htdocs folder and extract it there.

STEP 3 Download WordPress

Note: Name the extracted WordPress folder with a name that you can remember. As you have to mention it on the browser while opening it.

STEP 3.1 Download WordPress

STEP 4: WordPress Setup

4. Now type localhost/your WordPress folder name/ and hit the enter button. Now you WordPress installation window. Click on continue and then click on let’s go.

STEP 4 WordPress Setup

Here comes the most important step, Now in the first field of database name you have to enter the database name you created in the second step.

STEP 4.1 WordPress Setup

Now, in the username field enter root and left the password field blank. It is because these are the default value of the WordPress database config file. And do not enter anything in the remaining two fields of database host and table prefix. After filling all the field hit submit.

STEP 5: WordPress installtion

STEP5 WordPress installtion

5. In the last step, you have to click on run the installation. Then in the site title field enter the name of your site.

In the username field set username admin or any name you want. Set password if it shows the password is weak click on confirm weak password. Enter your email id for the password recovery of live WordPress.

STEP 5.1-WordPress installtion

Now click the Install WordPress option on your screen. Its done, now enter your user name and password for login. Later, you have to enter the localhost/your WordPress folder name/ wp-admin in your browser for login.

Note: Search engine visibility option is used when you don’t want the google to crawl yours under maintain website post or pages. So it’s the user’s choice to check it or not according to need.

step 5.2WordPress installtion

Below you can see the dashboard of WordPress with the site name of testing which we enter in the field of the site title.

STEP 5.3 WordPress

If you lost your WordPress localhost/server password click here for the password recovery tech article. As we cannot recover password through email on a local server or localhost.

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