Instagram launched tik-tok alternative reels|How to use Instagram reels


Instagram has launched its own video creator call Reels. This proves to be a game-changer for Instagram in this field. As we already know tik-tok is banned in India. In India, there were more than 120 million users per month for this Chinese application. The craze for tik too app in India is not hiding from anyone. Be it child, adult, mid-age, or old. Every age group used this app to make a video for entertainment or some use this for earning too. So this move of Instagram is a great marketing strategy example. On-time product launching. This may be a good decision from the Instagram team or not only time will tell but as per the current scenario, this will be a boon for Instagram. Steps for how to use Instagram reels are given below:

Step 1: Open Instagram

  • Open Instagram
  • Goto camera option as shown in the image below.
Instagram reels

Step 2: Find Instagram reels option

  • After clicking on camera section of Instagram it’s time to turn on reels
  • Reels option can be seen just after live option as show in the image below
reels option

Step 3: Audio selection

  • After doing second step its time for selecting an perfect audio for your video.
  • For this click on audio section as shown below.
audio section
  • After clicking on the audio option
  • The following screen will appear which contains the three parts search music, for you, and browse.
  • The for you section is the recommended section of songs from Instagram reels.
  • The browse section allows you to select songs according to categories.
  • The search music part allows the user to search there favorite music from any movie or album.
Audio part

Step 4: Speed and Effects option

  • The speed option give freedom to user to increase or decrease the speed of the created video.
  • It provide 2x & 3x for increasing speed.
  • And .5x and .3x for decreasing speed.
  • The effects section gives suitable effects to your video.

Step 5: Set length of your video

  • Now it’s time for setting the length of your Instagram reels video.
  • For this go-to timer section as shown in the image.
  • Select the desire time length of your video from 0 to 15 seconds.
  • After setting the time click on set timer option.
set length

Step 6: Make Video

  • After doing all the above steps its time to make your video
  • Now click on reels button shown on the screen
  • Now the next part which appears on your screen is the video making section
  • Here you can choose front or back camera according to your need or comfort and then make your video.
video creation

Step 7: The trimming and uploading option

  • After making your video the following screen will appear on your mobile.
  • Now as shown in the above picture it has two option
  • Back arrows show the trimming option
  • The next arrow shows the uploading options.
  • If you click on back arrow the trimming option will appear as shown in the image below.
trimming option
  • And if you click the next arrow option the uploading section will appear as shown in the next image below.
  • The share section has various parts
uploading option
  • The captions section used to set the caption you want.
  • The share to feed option shares this reel on your timeline
  • It has shared to story option too.
  • The main option share to reels in explore will show your created video on explore space(search area video section).
  • Users can also be saved this video as a draft which you can see in reels section just after IGTV section on the profile page.
  • Note: You can also download it as you download any video story.

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