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Tableau File Types

The tableau data or files can store in various file types and file extensions or formats. Extensions mean metadata(data about data) like Abz.txt file has (.txt) extension which indicates that it is a text file. Tableau file saved as XML files that can be easily updated. Some of the important file types in the tableau are as follows:

  • Tableau Workbook(.twb)

  • Tableau Packaged Workbook(.twbx)

  • Table Data Source(.tds)

  • Tableau Packaged Data Source(.tdsx)

  • Tableau Data Extract(.tde)

  • Tableau Bookmark(.tbm)

  • Tableau Preferences(.tps)

  • Tableau Workbook: It holds information about source data connectivity and gives information about various connections present in the dashboard. It also gives relatable information about different kinds of worksheets available in Tableau. The extension used in Tableau Workbook is (.twb).

  • Tableau Packaged Workbook: This file type contains information about local data present in Tableau Workbook. It examines the shared data to another user and helps the user to analyze or shared data according to user needs. It uses (.twbx) extension to save files.

  • Tableau Data Source: It stores information about Tableau Report which is used to scan tableau connection and it also saves important data about columns and sheets used in Tableau. Tableau Data Source uses (.tds) file extension to store files.

  • Tableau Data Extract: This file type is used to compressed data which means it can compress the size of the various files available in tableau and worksheet. Reducing size helps the user to analyze data quickly as now the machine can read data easily due to its small size. Hence, Tableau can generate analysis reports easily and accurately on time. Updation of files can be easily done with the help of  Tableau Data Extract. It uses(.tde) extension to store files.

  • Tableau Bookmark: It can only hold one-sheet that can be efficiently transferred between the different users of Tableau. Tableau Bookmark uses (.tbm) file extension to save files.

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