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Tableau Navigation

In this part, we study various navigation features of the tableau. The desktop version of tableau has a menu option at the top which helps us to navigate through various options and features of it. For using it first open blank workbook file and then navigate to its various options. 

Types of menu

The tableau’s main interface contains all the menu options like file, data, worksheet, dashboard, analysis, story, map, format, server, window. Following are some of the important menu in Tableau interface :

1. File Menu: This option is used to create a new file, save a file, open an existing file, close file, etc. Apart from these basic features, it has Export Packaged Workbook which is used to create a new packaged workbook and the user can also share this file with other users. Another important option in this menu is Import Workbook which is used to link another workbook file in the current file. It also has a Workbook Locale option to change the language which can be used in the report.

2. Data Menu: This option provides the user to create, update, retrieve source data for better data reports and analysis. It has a New Data Source option which shows a list of available connections and users can select from them. Paste Data option is used to paste data from another file. Refresh All Extracts is used for refreshing the data which comes from the source.

3. Worksheet Menu: It helps us to create a new worksheet and also provides features like the summary of a worksheet and view toolbar. The various option under the worksheet menu are as follows:

  • New Worksheet.
  • Copy
  • Export
  • Clear
  • Actions
  • Tooltip
  • Show Title
  • Show Caption
  • Show Summary
  • Show Cards
  • Show View Toolbar
  • Auto Updates
  • Run Update.

4. Dashboard: The main function of this option is to create a New Dashboard along with the export image feature. It also provides a copy image and action feature. Action option is used to link dashboard to other URLs or sheets.

5. Analysis: This option helps the user to analyze the data from the sheet and generate accurate reports. Apart from this it also has various important features to scan the data like generating a percentage of the data, Trend lines that show trend line for data series, Table Layout which shows various layout options of sheets, Forecast which examine the forecast based on existing reports.

6. Map Menu: It is used to create map views in Tableau. It contains various options such as   Background maps, Geocoding, Edit Locations, Map Legend, Map Layers, Map Options.

7. Server: This Option is used for Sign In by the user to Tableau Server. It is used to publish your reports and fetch other reports. The important functions come under server option are as follows:

  • Sign In.
  • Open Workbook.
  • Publish Workbook.
  • Start Tableau Online Sync Client.
  • Tableau Public.

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