Learn basics about Tableau Software-Tableau Overview


TABLEAU online software is one of the leading data visualization tool which has many unique and interesting features like by the help of TABLEAU online software someone can answer complex questions in seconds, can use Tableau’s drag and drop facility to examine any type of data, search different types of views, and also combined multiple databases easily. It does not require any sort of complex scripting.  Someone who knows the business problems can easily address it with a visualization of the relevant data. After analysis, sharing with others is quite easy as publishing to Tableau Server.


It provides support to all kinds of industries, departments, and data environments. Some of its important specifications are as follows:

1. Architecture Agnostic: Tableau is compatible with all types of devices where data flows. Therefore, the user does not have to think about any hardware or software requirements to use tableau.

2. Real-Time Collaboration: It can sort, filter, and analyze data in seconds and provide live dash-board portals like Salesforce. Users can save the view of data and later use it. It also gives features like refreshing of pages in one click.

3. Speed Analysis: To use Tableau user does not have the required to know any kind of high programming knowledge. Any user who can access data can easily use it.

4. Self-Reliant: Tableau can easily be installed in any kind of computer thus does not require any complex installation process.

5. Visual Discovery: Users can easily analyze any type of complex data by using visual tools like charts, graphs, colors, and trend lines. Users can achieve all these features by just drag and drop. Therefore, Tableau is best in the business right now in the industry.

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