What is the meaning of love?

true meaning of love

What is love? What is the true meaning of love? Love is not what today’s generation think, Today’s generation might think showing off their pics at Instagram, Whatsapp is love. They were celebrating there two month anniversary like they are having two years of relationship. Sharing posts like you are mine, I want to be with you forever, etc which are rubbish. After a breakup, The same person which post those things is now criticizing their partner and again posts the same things with a new partner. 

According to me, all these nonsense stuff are not loved. The true meaning of Love is when you are waiting for them in the reading room for hours with a longing to spent some quality No selfies for social media posts, just making memories without even thinking about time is love. A simple message “you reached home” is far better than those fake social media posts with fake captions. When a girl fighting with all odds and stand’s with you in life’s ups and downs it is something which is rare, If you get such a person in life, always be with them.

At last, Love is when you care for someone like your life goals.

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