Will Suresh Raina comeback to play Dream11 IPL 2020?

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The IPL 2020 is trending in the news nowadays. The latest topic that going viral nowadays is the issue of Suresh Raina’s unexpected comeback to India. There are many rumors and statements going through in media and over the internet in the last few days. First, the Chennai Super Kings team management said that Suresh Raina is going back to India due to personal reasons just after the 13 positive coronavirus cases in the team which includes their fast bowler Deepak Chahar & young batsman Ruturaj Gaikwad.

Then a statement arrives in the media that robbers attack his family relatives and cousins in Pathankot which is located in the Punjab region. They were sleeping at the rooftop of their house when this whole incident has happened. His uncle got seriously injured as robbers hit their head and he died in the hospital. While other family members are also in serious condition.

After this whole scenario again news came in media that he goes back for his children’s safety as he gets scared due to the corona cases in the team. As his newborn baby boy is only 5 months old he is conscious about his health. This will not end here again media said that he goes back due to his rift with the team management for his rooms which does not have any window. Actually some news agency said that he wants a room like MS Dhoni’s room. He demanding this from starting but team management does not resolve it and he also not get calm by the words of MS Dhoni.

N Srinivasan Controversial Statement

Suresh Raina N Srinivasan

These incidents don’t end here, the CSK owner N Srinivasan then said in a statement that “sucess got in his head, he said that his behavior is like old days actors” he then quoted “he will surely feel what he missed and also those big money(11 crores per season) ” he also added that they will wait for him to return to the IPL. Srinivasan also said they still not announced any replacement for Raina. They will wait for him and in case he not come it will give a great chance to a player like Ruturaj Gaikwad who is smashing runs in domestic cricket. After this controversial statement, the topic is gone viral over the internet. Many people and his fans say that a person like Raina who has such a calm and fun-loving nature can’t do this.

What Suresh Raina Says in his latest interview?

Now, In the latest interview with cricbuzz Raina clarifies all the things and made a full stop to this conversation. He said that he comeback due to some important personal reasons” his family relatives got seriously injured and his uncle dies also his cousins and aunts are in the risk of their life”. He also said, “I request to Punjab police please take strict action against those robbers so anybody cannot be threatened by them in near future”. He added that “he also thinks about his children’s health safety that’s why he came back to India”.

In context to the remarks by N Srinivasan, he said”he is like a father to me and they don’t know about the exact reason why I am going, we are like family from a decade and he has all the right to say anything if someone made a surprise departure like this” later N Srinivasan also cleared that don’t take his statement in a negative way. He stated “These boys are playing for us from last 10 plus years now, when I said prima donnas it means a leading singer in the opera. Likewise, cricketers are also our front line warriors on the field. It’s our duty to understand what Suresh Raina and his family are going through. We provide them full support in this tough time and gave Suresh Raina the space he wants. He is quoted this statement as mentioned by the local newspaper.

Will Suresh Raina made a surprise return in dream11 IPL 2020?

When cricbuzz asked a question regarding his return to IPL 2020. He answered “In India, I practicing while being under quarantine. You never know, you may see me in the CSK Dubai camp soon. So this statement gives hope to the fans of Chennai super kings and Suresh Raina. They want Mr.IPl back in action in the upcoming season of dream11 IPl 2020. As per the reports now it’s in the hand of team management and MS Dhoni to do all these things handles regarding the comeback of Suresh Raina in IPL 2020.

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